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Check out this site and see if you can figure out the first puzzle to make it inside the colony - http://www.ourcolony.net . Its supposivly ran by microsoft as a advertising scheme to advertise Xbox 2, just like the Ilovebees website for Halo2.


Btw, once u figure out the first puzzle to get it, you make a colony and figure out ... theres wierd images of the ant & colony... also Xbox 2 images.. which I think its full of ... but thats my opinion..


Ive solved the puzzle.. its on the main page.. if u get stuck or tired of it.. ill check this tomarrow.



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LOL. I got it!


I created an "Overclockerclub.com" Colony. The password is 55020779


After you complete the riddle, click on "Join existing colony" and then enter that password, and you'll be in :).


Remember, it's a RIDDLE. Think about the words being used.


Small hint....(highlight below for teaser text)

the linked webpage has absolutely nothing to do with the riddle, so don't worry about it...don't spend hours searching it.



EDIT: general, after you figure out the riddle, you enter the answer in the text box and click the bug

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