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My Pc! Modded Abit From A Medion

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Since I put a Fan in the top of my Medion PC (MD8080) I have had the urge to mod it morE!


So over the past few months, I have added alot of new hardware to my PC.


It started life as a Medion 8080 with the following specs:


P4C 3.0Ghz

512 mb Ram (3-3-3-8)

160Gb Segate Barracuda 7200rpm

Medion ATi Radeon 9800XL 128mb (if your wondering what the XL is all about, its basicaly a 9800SE)



I upgraded it to these specs over the last few months:


Ram to 1024 mb (still 3-3-3-8) <plan to upgrade this neXT


Replaced 9800SE with Saphire ATi Radeon X800XT PE ViVo 256 mb (Added a ATi Silencer 4 to quieten it down)


Replaced POS PSU with AnteC TrueBlue 480W + Black eletrical taped the wires! :)


Added a XP-90 to the CPU, with 92mm Planflow Fan


Added an 80mm Fan into the Top & Back of Case. (1 Tt Smart Fan, 1 AnteC)


Added a 120mm Fan into the side Panel (AnteC)


Changed power button, and installed Key Switch!


Added Tumb Screws to PCI/AGP slots and Case too, since I opened it up so much! :lol:


Heres the Result! Keep in mind this is my first time modding, and I have very limited tools & skills. But I think it turned out nicely :)





Side with Fan ON:









Front with Panel Open:



Internals 1:



Internals 2:



I know the Cuts on the Fan holes are REALY bad, and I scratched the case loads :( but was my first time modding, and I had to use a Hand Drill + Hole Saw to do the 80mm Fan holes, and I used a JigSaw for the Side panel hole (First time using JigSaw :ph34r:)


I Want to spary the Case Black, a.) to hide my scratchings abit, and b.) cause Black is my Fav colour! :)



IF I was to spary it black, what precautions should I take? And what sort of paint should I use? And what sort of Primer (if any?) would I need to use first?



Anyways, what you think of my PC? :)

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Very simpile.


Cut the 2 wires going to the Mobo Power OWN.


Then Wired one end to the Key Switch, the other end of Key Switch to one end of the Power ON button, and the other end of the power ON button to the Mobo.



Mobo >>>> Key Switch >>> Power Button >>> Mobo

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That's really nice. I'd love to do that, but I'm scared, I don't think I'm confident enough to start faffing with the switches yet...

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very nice but that case looks awefully small. and what does the bag of silicon do? :lol:



I think it absorbs Water from the Air :wacko:


It was in there when I got it.


And its not doin any Harm, so ill leav it there :lol:

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:lol: those little bags are great.


The fan holes do look a bit rough, as a suggestion for any future modding always cut the holes smaller than you want then file or sand them to the correct size :) You (apparently) get much better results that way.


You can probably fix up the side fan a bit by using some of that .. black lining stuff. Not quite sure what it's called. Like thinner, smaller, strips of that stuff you commonly see DIY case windows sealed around with basically. I've got some somewhere, i'll have to try remember where I bought it from and get back to you with a link.


Very brave of you to start modding your case though! Pretty good for a first go I would say. I'm too scared to cut my case :)

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the scratching around the holes are a result of using a hole saw to cut the holes, that's why i personally dont do it, i always use a dremel, much cleaner and accurate, looks factory that way


but anyways, nice job pete, you'll be ready to buy a virgin case now and start over and it will look sooo much better next time since you will have learned from your experience!



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I agree with ccokeman on this one.


A bit of paint and some clearcoat will make that case a real stunner, if properly applied.


Good job.

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