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Just a quick post to get peoples opinions/advice on a small dilema which I am having. Basically I am not entirely happy (for this read slighty worried) with the temps I am recording for my XP 2600 (barton). It idles along at about 50c and about 55-60c under load. I am using a stock cooler but with a 120mm vantec stealth fan (for quietness). With my old XP 2400 (T-bred) under the same hsf combo I got temps of about 38-40c idle and up to about 48-50c load. My Mobo has changed from a GA-7VA to a GA-7VT600-L so i thought that this may have something to do with it (both gigabyte though so should record similar temps?). everything runs stable however so don't know if I need to do anything anyhow. Just may want to OC in the future. Was considering changing the stock HS for a thermalright SLK-700. Just think current temps are a little high.What do you think?


Not too noobish

Also found my first sig image




Hey.. I've always been cool as ;):lol:


P.s. - Noticed you can't add attachments in this (ooc noobs) area... interesting.

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