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Xp 1800+ 78 Degrees C

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yep.... about 78 degrees C, about 180 F.


AMD XP 1800+ (stock speed)


i know thats not normal, and windows setup goes to a blue screen b4 i can make a partition...


so i know what the problem is,


Im using an older case of mine (thats small), but i used to use it with the exact setup b4 minus my water cooler because ive upgraded (this machine with the 1800 is a 2nd machine for my sisters im setting up)


i put a generic heatsink/fan in there that said it can handle up to 3200+


i touch the heatsink, its burning hot, well not burning my fingers hot...but if it was any hotter...i think it would be......


i put the newest arctic silver down on the core


i actually didnt believe the temp read out in the bios untill i opened up the case.


question is, what do you think is the biggest problem here:


1) my psu is on the side of the case, so behind that is the heatsink and fan and obv proc


2) it is a tiny case, with no intake or out fans (i know, but believe me, its a small case, the full mobo i have barely fits it there (its an at7-max2 btw))


3) the heatsink didnt seem to hard to install...i figure the thing would have had a little more pressure to it, i wouldnt say it was really easy, just, not as hard as i thought it would be to put that metal thing over the plastic thing that holds it in place (that make sense? haha)


4) i put one of those copper plates in between the chip and the heatsink, the ones that fall even with the corner tabs on the chip, those are suppose to help though




5) other


i mean actually i would think the heat sink is doing what it should be doing, seeing as how its hot to the touch, and actually warmed up my case alot....but there is obv something wrong...maybe the heatsink is too small?

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If the HS gets hot it's doign its job, if the fan on it isnt disipating haet fast enough then you have another issue, my guess is you need airflow to give the heat somwhere to go, maybe leave a side pannel off and see if that helps, even blow a large fan into the case, try these thigns and see what happens

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1) take the case cover off and then check the temp

2)push LIGHTY (and i can't stress that enough) on the heatsink while cheking tmep to see if it's contact issue.

3) sorry for my spelling been typing english 'bout 10 hours now :)

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ok ill get rid of the shim....


what i have done was, i took the psu out of the bos and layed it on top of the case and sent the cables into the case through the hole that is now there on the back, i also put a fan there in the psus place and the fan on the heatsink does work, (and the heatsink is also antec, not the best company, but not a bad one either so i dont understand that)


here is the interesting thing though.....


as SOON as i turn on the computer, the temps are immediatly around 65C , about 149F


i left the computer off the whole night and this morning i kicked it in and thats what it said (after my crappy modifications)....


now that def. sais something is wrong here, what do you think?



oh ummm....i should mention this, but i dont think this is the problem.



when i had a water cooler with this computer, the block was crappy and the tubes were firmly against a capacitor near the CPU, as time passed and i took the block off at one point, the capacitor fell off the MB...i put it back on there, but its not firmly in place, it could come out if i pulled on it. I couldnt OC this machine after this little thing happend, so idk if thats involved....but...i used the machine alot b4 i upgraded, though it still had the water cooling, it still never reached those temps i dont believe...



i dont think thats the culprit, but maybe someone with knowledge on circuitry might find a good reason to say that is the problem


any other ideas?

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im in the process of re-seating it now...


what scares me is now it wont turn on haha....


but i havnt tried a different heatsink yet because this is the only one i have available, and ill have to return this one and get something else if i did....which if it came down to it..i will

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