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Lots Of Old(er) Stuff


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here it is


2x Motherboards for AMD K6-2

2x AMD K6-2, i think they are both 333mhz

1x Motherboard for Pentium 1 66mhz

1x Motherboard for Celeron 333mhz

1x Celeron 333mhz (no heatsink)

1x Pentium 2 Motherboard

1x Pentium 2 chip, 266mhz methinks

3x Power supplies,


1x400w SOLD!


1x70w (micro atx)


1x 10/100 Network Card (PCI)

2x v.92 Phone Modems (PCI)

1x ATI Radeon 7000 32mb (PCI) (SOLD)











Not sure, but they work

8 Modules on a side, double sided (One stick)

2 Modules on a side, double sided (One stick)



i doubt anybody wants this stuff, but i might as well try to sell some of it.


PM for queries and pricing.

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Where'd you get that stuff



i've just had it layin around for quite a while.


lol so anyone interested in anything else? maybe taz? he could use some more retro powah....:( i'm not l33t enough to use retro :(

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Just curious, maybe serious, how much for ALL of the stuff that's left? shipping included please :D




ALL of the stuff? hmmmm well could probably let it all go for around maybe $70 or so? whatever you would think is fair. i was probably planning on selling the motherboards and their paired processor for $20 a piece. keep in mind that i just found 2 more motherboards, a p1 motherboard (sry, turned the processor into a keychain ^__^) and a celeron 333mhz processor (slot) and it's paired motherboard.


sry guys...one of my friends just bought the 400w for $30. i might have another one around here somewhere, and i'll keep you posted.

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just use it for folding..dont sell it.




i was thinkin about it...but i really don't have the time/money to put into those machines right now...mainly because i'd need hard drives, cases, monitors and video cards for them. and also...the more and more complex work units that stanford is giving out is hell on these slower machines...so it'd be better for me to sell/donate them to people :)

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