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My Router Problem!


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ok i was reading the post about the guy wanting the router.. and i figured id post to see if anyone knew the problem... first off.. im using the latest firmware for my router the US Robotics USR8054... here is what i sent USR for email tech support:


my USR8054 router will reset itself very often.. my main computer is hooked

up thru ethernet and the other is through wireless, when the wireless

computer is turned on, it never resets.. when it is turned off.. it

constantly resets itself.. every 5-10 minutes


basically, when my secondary comp is turned off, my router resets often, when its on, it doesnt.. it stays perfectly connected.... now this is what USR wrote back to me..


Dear Tim,


Thank you for choosing U.S. Robotics.


First download the newest version of firmware from

http://www.usr.com/support/product-template.asp?prod=8054  then follow these



1. Press in and hold the RESET button. While holding the RESET button,

unplug then plug back in the power supply. When the Router has power again,

continue to hold the RESET button for about five seconds to get the router

into Emergency Firmware mode.


2. Access the router web configuration utility


3. Open Internet Explorer,Netscape Navigator or Safari and type in the IP

address of the router into the browser's address bar ( is the

default IP address of USRobotic's routers) and hit Enter or Go.


4. When the username and password window appears, type in admin for the

username and skip the password field. Click OK or press the Enter key to

load the router's setup page.


5. On the main menu, click the Tools option.


6. Click the firmware button for the firmware version and upgrade screen.


7. Click Browse and locate the firmware file to begin the upgrade.




Again, thank you for choosing U.S. Robotics.


When you reply to this message, please click 'Reply' and include

all previous correspondence. This allows us to track and resolve

your issue more efficiently.




U.S. Robotics

Technical Support



and guess what, i have the most recent firmware, check that.... i have tried MANY MANY MANY MANY times before to reset it, and that didnt solve it, check that... i have tried downgrading to other firmwares and trying that.. check that....


i also replied to them saying theyre wrong and nothing works and i have the most recent firmware... they didnt reply back.. its not a defective router or it wouldnt work at all... its a known issue and a lot of people have the problme.. yet i cant find an answer


anyone got any freakin ideas?

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My friend works for Dlink and they try and blow off customers just like the "tech support" at USRobotics as you have just found out. Solution? Try to RMA/return/exchange for a new router.

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coud be overheatin, my OOOOOLD netgear used too so I just put a slow 92mm fan on it and now it works great!




i doubt its overheating.. kuz it does it even within the first 10 minutes of turning my computer on.. if it was overheating... why would it stay online when my other computer is turned on then? i guess i really just need to wait until the next firmware is out.. they "SAY" they are going to fix it.... im still waiting for it to show up

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