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Pny 6600gt Problem?


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I just installed the PNY 6600GT, I used to have an ATi 9600xt. For some reason, my FPS is performing about the same. When playing Counterstrike (not source) this video card will not allow me to get over 60fps. Now i know that there is a fps_max command, and i have it set at fps_max101. Usually when changing that setting, the card should increase speed. My 9600xt had no problem with the setting, and it was always stuck at the limit of 99fps. This card isn't recognizing the new command. In UT2004, my framerate varies, but it isn't that much better. In some cases, it performs worse. I don't think there is a fps_max command in UT2004. Someone please help, this card should be about twice as good, my 3dmark05 scores are about double with the 6600GT.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm starting to think it's a refresh rate problem. But with the 9600xt I had no problem getting the most out of it on these games. Thx everyone.

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