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this is an aim convo i had with my friend just now. Not too stupid on his part, but it ended up being the first thing that i suggested.


Marty the McFly: anything else new?

Marty the McFly: 

digitmdr: i restored my comp.

Marty the McFly: nice

Marty the McFly: i beat laf life 2

Marty the McFly: *half

Marty the McFly: 

digitmdr: as in, lose everything and start over to get the ^$%##% sound working.

Marty the McFly: o

Marty the McFly: reformat

digitmdr: didn't have anything to lose tho.

digitmdr: no, not reformat.

digitmdr: system restore.

Marty the McFly: that doesnt make u lose stuff

digitmdr: did 4 me.

Marty the McFly: when did u restore it to?

digitmdr: no, not that kind of restore.

Marty the McFly: o

Marty the McFly: a reinstall

digitmdr: i used a cd that came with the computer that reinstalled the main stuff.

digitmdr: i guess it got rid of the memory.

Marty the McFly: that is called a reformat

digitmdr: so, my stuff would still be on the hard drive, but my pc doesn't look 4 it.

Marty the McFly: no

Marty the McFly: it means that everything is gone

digitmdr: ok



BTW: dont IM my friend, but u can IM me if you want :)

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