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Suggestion On Minidv Best Quality Possible


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sup guys, iam going getting ready to go to mustangbeach week this summer during July 25-31 2005


I was going to make a video of it. like redline videos


I was woundering which miniDV you guys can suggest to me?


well that means iam going to do massive and massive video recording. Any video camera you guys can suggest me? I think i'll only have around 300-500bux for buying. maybe alittle over. Iam not sure yet.


Iam selling massive computer stuff at my school maybe i can get alittle more.


So far iam looking at a Canon's. or maybe sony. Sony has massive Optic but theres not alot of Pixal. Canon has massive pixal, but not alot of zoom.... does anyone have a comparison of canon vs sony they could show me? i could easly afford a sony.

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