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Thermalright Replied


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i Sent an email to thermalright about my temprature problems and they replied


Hi ***


Do you have a second computer? You can send the heatsink back to us so we can inspect on it. If it's faulty from manufacturing, we will send you a replacement.


Thank you for choosing Thermalright!



Chris Lee

Thermalright, Inc.


----- Original Message -----

From: ****************

To: [email protected]

Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 11:26 AM

Subject: support



I bought a si-97 about 2 months ago and my temps keep rising! i have

reattached the cooler 3 times (adding a fresh coat of as5 each time

after cleaning the core and the heatsync). I have a 60cfm panaflo fan

(92mm) on it and it is blowing up where 2 40cfm fans are pullng air out.

i also have 2 40 cfm fans in the front pulling air in. My chip is a

amd 2500+ running at 2.3ghz (2303mhz). With the stock cooler i would get

55*c under full load (and when i had stock cooling i only had 21cfm fans

in there) now i get 60*c under load. I took these temps with the onboard

sensor and a probe.


do you guys have any idea what is wrong

also the case is a tower and the heatpipes are facing twords the front

of the case


please help,




shuld i put the old heatsync back on and send this back in??

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And why are they asking if you have another computer <_<


Probably because they want him to send the heatsink back and use the second computer while its being RMA'ed.

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