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Choosing Old Chip Piii800 Or 1.2ghz Celeron

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Yes I'm serious. They were actually decent chips for a while.


Also forgot to mention they were 0.13 micron, because they were based on the Tualatin core.


Straight from Intel's site -



Processor Frequency: 1.20 GHz

Package Type: 370 pin PPGA

Core Voltage: 1.500

Bus Speed: 100 MHz

Thermal Guideline: 32.0W

Thermal Spec: 69

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I have to admit, the Celeron would be the better chip. It has the same cache levels as a PIII coppermine. Tualatin PIII came with 512KB L2 afterwards.


Heh, the packaging from Intel is wrong Para.


This is how it was for Socket 370:


Mendocino: PPGA

Coppermine: FCPGA

Tualatin: FCPGA2

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