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Intel Upgrade

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So I have this old Pentium 4 1.3Ghz pc with 128mb rdram pc-600, Geforce 2, 60gb hd and etc. I was looking at google and I saw this product that converts socket 423 to 478 (only supports 400FSB). So I was looking at newegg and saw a 2.4/2.6 Celeron and some reviews of the processors are pretty interesting. People say they have it overcloked to 3.4Ghz and it overclocks great.


Since my little brother uses this computer just for playing games like Dorah The Explorer and etc do you think it will be a good upgrade to get:


-423 to 478 Socket Converter ($15 ebay)

-2.4/2.6 Celeron Processor ($77-90 newegg)($50 ebay w/ fan assembly)

-maybe 2 sticks of 128 (for 256) or 2 sticks of 256 (for 512) in addition to the already installed 128 (2x64). ($70 for 2x256 ebay)


Its going to come out to about:



is it worth the upgrade? Can it really be overclocked that goood? Would I be better off buying something else?

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dont waste your money on that. you are better off buying a new computer for him all together. And your not going to get an oc off a board that can not oc(not sure if yours can or can not) Infact i dont rly think your going to get that good of an oc unless you buy a nice board and some good ram. All together you would be better off getting a sempron/mobo for 120 and that would be much faster than that computer even without new ram. You might even be able to get new ram with that for around the same price.


just dont do it unless you are very board and what something to do like a socket conversion. I would still go with the sempron idea if you really want to upgrade that computer.

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