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Athlon Xp Matx Suggestions

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Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting a better mobo for my Cube PC (Antec Aria). Right now I'm using a Chaintech Summit 7NIF2 which uses the nForce2 IGP chipset. And only has 4 channel audio, no firewire, and no SATA support.


Here is what I'm looking for:


Socket A mobo using the nForce2 400 Chipset, no onboard graphics (of course).

Atleast 5.1 channel onboard audio, but I'd prefer a good Soundstorm setup. Also need SPDIF out.

Would like SATA support, but not required.

Need firewire



These are the main areas my Chaintech falls short. I'd like to OC to 400 MHz FSB but I've heard that the nForce2 IGP can have some stability issues at that speed, so I'd prefer to go with the 400.


Thanks for the help!

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Guest FxXP

You might as well look at Intel as you will be hard pressed to find an AMD mATX with those features. AMD boards use many IC's to incorporate those features while Intel carries most of them onboard in the ICH.


Heh, speaking of which, I found one. The Biostar M7NCG has what you are looking for.

^-- Doesn't have SPDIF..


The only other one that I can think of is the Albatron KM18G Pro2.

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