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Power Supply Problem

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Hey fellow overclockers whats up? I have a question. I was running my system overclocked for a while, very stable then I started getting random lock ups. So I put everything to default settings, hoping this would cure the problem. No it didnt cause now I get random lockups just surfing EBAY. Do u think my power supply is the problem or something else? Also my FX 5900 just stopped working and screen went blank. But after my bro put it in his computer it works just fine. So I decided to use his 5700 instead. Do u think its the power supply? Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Comp Specs:

Pentium 4 2.8/800 fsb m0

Thermaltake Polo 735 cpu cooler

Segate 80gb hd

OCZ PC 4000 Gold 2x256

7-80mm and 5- 120 mm case fans

Thermaltake Silent pure power 480 psu

Geforce FX5700

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