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Coolermaster Hyper48 Vs Thermaltake Silent Tower


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Hi guys... i got a new 775 intel cpu and am going great, only it seems to be heating up alot. Ive seen CPU temps of 82 Celcius ( i dint even OC) while DVD encoding while Case temps peak at 20 Celcius.

So ive though atbout buying a new CPU cooler rather than the standard stock cooler. The choice has fallen to 2 heatpipe coolers available at the local shops.


Option A

Thermaltake Silent Tower

Total weight 640g

Copper Base and Aluminium Fins

3 Heatpipes

Heres a usefull review i found online: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article201-page1.html


Option B

Coolermaster Hyper48

Total Weight 864g

Copper base and fins

4 Heat pipes

Heres a usefull review i found online: http://www.silentpcreview.com/Sections+ind...-artid-196.html


Anybody have any feedback or tips???? Please

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Id ditch both, because those cooling towers have a history of bending motherboards ant not being as good for their price. If I were you, Id go with an Xp-120 from thermalright (you'll need to get the adapter kit, too, for socket 775) with a nice 120mm fan. Only problem is that you gotta buy it online (ive never seen a thermalright product in-store <_< ) If you have a problem with buying online, then try to find a Zalman CNPS7700-Cu, I've heard its very good and quiet at the same time.

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