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Bad Psu, Need New One

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I'm dying w/o my power supply!!!!!!!! it was a 4.5 year old antec sl350.. the caps were leaking :(


I looked into the Antec TrueBlue480, but there were a substantial amount of complaints, most were people saying that the thing fried their cpu/mobo's.. which is NOT good. I definately really don't want to happen.


So, i looked into PC P&C. Their "Power Supply Selecter" chose a Silencer 410 for my current rig.


I don't want to spend a large amount of money on this, but I don't want it to break down in 4 years w/o warrenty (5 year warrenty on P&C's :)), nor fry my components/itself.


I *NEED* a power supply that I can depend on for all my upgrades in the upcoming 3-5 years.

Here's my list of things that I'll be trying to get my hands on in the next few years. Probably more/different stuff as technology progresses, so this is just a rough estimate:

-dual core chip (only one chip)

-6800gt (not sli)

-2x sata hd's (raid.. not that that matters)

-1.5/2gb ram


So, looking at that, do you guys think that the 410 silencer would work fine? It's pretty cheap, only $90. The same as the antec.


I am also looking @ the 425-Deluxe, although for some reason it doesn't have PFC(?) Am I correct? I may be wrong on this, but it seems like something that should always be in a modern power supply, especially a expensive one. I like how it comes sleeved and shrink'd :) I'd probably eventually get to sleeving the silencer, but it'd be nicer for me just to get it sleeved.


Okay, PCI-E! What is the deal? Do they use the PCI-E power connecters already? There's a 510-Express.. but that's really expensive :unsure: . So.. umm... i mean... uh... if i had a pci-e graphics card, would that mean i'd have to get a new Power supply or do they make connecters (regular molex -> pci-e molex) thingies?


Thanks :) B)

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I have an AnteC True Blue 480W.


Works great. But now I am scared....when I reasearched it, I found no neagitive reviews, all seemed good!


Hope it dosent fry my stuff! :ph34r:


Cant answe any of your other questions but the bit about a Regualr moleX > PCI-e moleX, yes they do make them, IT simiply takes 2x moleX and goes to 1x PCI-e MoleX.


They come with most (every?) PCI-e graphics card.

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Okay, well I have it down to the Silencer 410, and the turbo-cool 425-deluxe (pre-sleeved, very good job).


Any suggestions? the 425 would DEFINATELY allow me to upgrade to hell... and it's presleeved, which is a bonus.


the $45 more is worth it to me... so i guess i'll do it.. but i want to get some peeps oppinions first

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k.. well now i've got the Antec neopower, OCZ modstream & powerstream, and PCP&C 425-deluxe in my mind.


NeoPower: $126

ModStream 520: $120 (i could probably go with the 450w for $90)

PowerStream 420: $101 (dun think i'd need to go with the 520 model.. maybe though)

PCP&C 425-deluxe (turbocool): $140


So, out of those four.. or *maybe* another one if it's highly recommended, which one should I get?

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[email protected]!!


Now i'm even thinking about getting the 510-deluxe.. for $200.. gahgahgahgah!


I don't need it... but I need SOMETHING quickly, and I don't want it to fry my comp or last me a short time...


erm erme ermermermer!


So, I guess I should just go with a neopower?!? I mean... it's 1/2 the price of the 510-deluxe... erm!! please, some suggestions! Yeah, powerstream volts are good.. but i probably am never going to be using them.. all I want is something that'll last me for a long time.


maybe trueblue480? maybe modpower? probably not anything > $130

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I have had a true blue 480 in my other system for over 2 years with no problems. I just bought a antec neo, after reading a MaximumPC magazine article that rated the neo with "10" and a kick butt award!

Its about as future proof as you can get. The rails are rock solid under load!

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