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I Want This On My Desk!


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Oooo, me want! Me want!


That is nice though. Looks nice for games, but just too expensive I'm sure.


Lol, I just though of a couple catch phrases for it...


"The Only Monitor Where You Have to Turn Your Head to See the Rest of the Screen."


"The Only Monitor That Takes You 10 Seconds to Move the Mouse to the Other Side."


Meh, they were funny when I first thought of them.




And to answer the original question, yes, games would look weird to say the least. Which is why it isn't made for mainstream desktops.


EDIT- take a look at their laptops! 1600x1200 15" displays on a laptop! I'd kill for that.

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Please don't tell me that you took something from Liebermann computers seriously.. this is one of the biggest sites of BS and has been for years..I mean a blue tooth monitor..wtf is it going to connect to? Now I'm not saying a monitor like this doesn't exsit, but I'll say that this thing is not real

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