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Question About Oc On My X800 Xt


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If I use RHTDRIBL or ATITool they will freeze up after about 10-20 minutes if I set the core for anything over 520mhz. But, I can run 3dmark03/05 and AM3 fine. I can also game with no problems at up to 530mhz.


Also ATiTool shows artifacting with the mem set over 555mhz, but I can run it at 590mhz in my games and benchmarks and not see any artifacting.


Why is this? I've been running 525/591 all afternoon while playing SW:Battlefront, LOTR:BFMEm and Call of Duty. I haven't had a single lockup or seen one little teeny tiny artifact.


So, what's up with ATiTool and RHTDRIBL?

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