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I am considering building another system (hardware from newegg); my budget is about $500. This system will not be o/ced...much. B)


(1)What is the maximum RPM and dba level of the Thermaltake Silentboost XP3400?

(2)Do you recommend substituting any piece of hardware?


Hardware I am considering is below:


($72)Kingston 184-pin 512MB PC2700 -OEM cas2.5 (512x2 (1GB))

($65)Asus "A7N8X-X" nforce2 (or A7N8X)

($29.99)Thermaltake silentboost athlonxp3400

($57.49)WD 80GB 7200RPM ultraata100 2mb 8.9ms

($19.99)SkyHawk ATX Mid Tower "BAX-4638"

($38.99)Thermaltake silent purepwr 420W psu Model# TT-420AD

($80)AMD AthlonXP 2600 Barton core 55watt 333mhzfsb 512kcache 1.9Ghz


Additions (NEC drive may be omitted):


($13.49)Arctic Silver 5 (12g)

($60.99)NEC 16x DVD-+RW 3520A



Total: 509.94 (w/o shipping)

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If you have another hd that you can use for the moment, I would reccommend wating till fry's/outpost has a good hd deal. Like right now fry's has this on sale: Seagate 160GB HD $54.99AR, 200GB Serial ATA HD $99.99. Segate makes awesome hd's with great warrenty. But honestly, shop around for a good hd.


Here's one from amazon:



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