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Alienware Sure Convinced Me!

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I still have it. It's a different motherboard/cpu and has a different hard drive in it. But everything else is the same. Actually, the case is the same too, it's the old style Alienware (still available at their site) which is just a Dragon tower. I like the design, and used a Dragon tower recently for a friend's computer I custom built. The only issue with mine is that the plastic front cover is bent, so the side door pushes it off further unless I do a little trick while putting it back on. I've also got a new ZIPPY/EMACS 500W Power Supply on the way from Newegg. My computer's been rebooting randomly, and with everything else that has gone wrong I really don't trust the psu in there right now.


I'll be getting a new video card soon, and I'm looking at upgrading my ram. My in-laws need a new computer very badly, and I was thinking about getting a new processor for my old mobo. I could then also give them my current RAM and video card. The issue is, I don't know if the mobo was damaged by the cpu getting so hot. It's not that I wouldn't mind spending the money on a cpu and motherboard for them. The issue is I want to get the best bang for my buck. To just test my old mobo I would need a cpu with a maximum fsb of 266 (that is all the motherboard can handle, according to MSI). So if I did need to get a new mobo it would support a Barton core and I would rather have purchased one of those than the older, slower, and now more expensive (at least at Newegg) Thoroughbreds.


Does anyone know if it is safe to stick a faster processor in an older motherboard? Would it just underclock like RAM does? I've got a brother-in-law with an AMD with a Barton core, I could just use his to test the mobo. But I don't want to do that if it could damage the cpu.

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