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Ram On A A64 Board

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i bet most of you guys know the answer to this but

does ram speed mater on a a64 board (not timmings)


like say pc2700,pc300,pc3200 or pc3500


because the FSB is onboard the chip it kinda confuses me

as the the correct ram to use


i know my ram will work but i wanna know what ram is the right speed

or better i wanna know how to tell the correct ram speed

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All your PC3500 really amounts to is DDR400 that holds up well under a 5% overclock...it's still PC3200, but it's advertised as being suitable for running at higher speeds.


That'll work just fine - as long as you get a SKT 939 board.


The older SKT 940 boards require registered server memory, and the ECC slows them down a LOT.



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