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Sempron Oc


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Well i got my Grandpa's replacement for his 650mhz Duron today. A 2400+ Sempron, ASRock K7VT4A+ mobo, and 256mb PNY PC 2700.


And well im lovin' this thing :) 205 FSB x 10 multi = 2050 mhz and its calling it an Athlon XP now. btw this ram's keeping up at 2005 x 2 aswell amazing....For $25 ram i dont think i could have asked for more :) btw this bad boy's runngin a cool 40C.


Anyone else had any luck OCing these semprons? I figured it'd go ok but not get anywhere with this board and ram, i was amazed, under $140 for this setup :) i think my grandpa will be happy.

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