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P4 3.2 Machine

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wishlist: http://secure.newegg.com/app/WishHistoryRe...VIEW&ID=1287082


Yeah, i know. I don't have a hsf. Since i'm not overclocking, i'm thinking about getting one of the big zalman ones (I'm using their smaller, aka HUGE, version of the copper one atm).


Would a xp-120 + antec fan be quieter/sufficient/better cooling than the zalman?


Yeah.. so... i'm going to be putting a 9800xt which i already have into it.... and i'm going to use a monitor i already have...



So, suggestions? comments? is it perfect? :P

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i would get the xp-90 it fitts all motherboards costs a little less and gets about the exact same performance


okay.. if i pair it with a 42cfm.. will that do the trick? the recommended fan is a panaflo.. but that's 45dba.. alot more than the 30dba on the antec one.

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