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Couple Questions

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Hello i'm new here but i have couple questions first off i'm having little trouble o'cn my old 1100duron on my 7NNXP it won't stay stable at all so i was wondering how do u unlock the multi's on these it's a morgan core i'm not sure if u caonnect L1 or L2 bridges. Reason i want to o'c it is cause i'm getting rid of my 7NNXP and going 64bit in next week n half i wanted to this for a while.



Another question i have a 600 duron spitfire core i had it @1069 6x178 but i installed it today to see if i could go higher i tried to drop multi to 5 put it wouldn't work i also tried 6 normal one still won't work it gets to windows start up and locks up this is running stock i know there is a bit broken off core could that have my 600 dead LOL. B)

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