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THIS IS THE GAME, it will eat out all games easily. microsoft knew halo2 WOULDNT stand up to it. i seen the previews, it soooo kicks butt of every single fps ever created. but its for xbox... i wonder if it will lag like unreal championship and some other few games. but besides the fact its on the xbox. the melee system is really nice and also those humiliation awards are beautiful. picture this, some one comes at you with a AVri or a rocket laucher with 3 rockets locked on you, and you seem all defenseless with your staff or swords, and all of a sudden with a quick command, maic happens, you reflect it and kills them and you get the humiliation award. and finishing moves are nice too even though its a cheap ripoff from mortal kombat and a bad mistake using raiden in it, they shoud have picked jade or smoke. im very surprised on how the game looks on the xbox. hopefully it can perform much better than unreal tournament. i give this game a nice 9.5 out of a 10 based on the nice reviews. and this was the ONLY series that ever kept me hooked on to fps games, doom3 half-life2 and some others didnt keep me glued to the computer like unreal tournament 2003 and 2004 did.

Before any one bashes unreal, make sure you dont bash yourself in the process. unreal is the master of fps and none shall stop it, unless quake IV comes out soon and how it plays also.


*LALALALALALALALAALALALALA bash on, wont matter hehe unreal will reign supreme*

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