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Heatsink Dust - Pics


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Well I noticed that my CPU was about 10 degrees C hotter then when i first installed my SP-97 and Tornado...



Then I decided to Remove the heatsink, reapply paste, and remove all dust.


I took the fan off of my heatsink and found this.


Click For Full size

Literally, I'm not exagerating, a quarter of an inch thick dust.


So I clean it and redo the paste, then i get this...



I am Happy now. What do you think?

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I think you need to clean it a *little* more often. Do you have that thing on the floor? Computers like to suck in Dust bunnies and hair.



Yeah, it's about 6 inches off of the ground. I think the 119CFM is what made it build up so fast.



Yeah i did clean the whole case.

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holy crap it looks like mold LMAO


yea thats what i was gonna say....that was nasty...but i've seen dustier...at work I had to go around to all the schools and clean out the pc's durning this last summer when we did it we were using a leaf blower to clean em out...those were really nasty we needed to cover our mouths and noses to do it, and we were outside....then when we went through the year before we ran into one pc that would not boot up...when we opened the case it was covered...we went trough like 2 1/2 cans of air before we got mostyly all the dust out...lol

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