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Xp 2100+ Barton Oc

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My second machine has a 2100+ on an Asus A7V8X MoBo ... I have 256 DDR PC 2700 ... When it was in my main machine I had a stick of Giel Golden Dragon 512 on it and was OCed to 2.176 ... How far can I OC it with only the PC2700, And still be stable?






EDIT: My bad it's a green AMD chip so what ever it is how high can I OC it and it still be stable ?

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I don't think a 2100+ Barton was ever made....


:withstupid: 2500+ was the lowest barton produced.


your 2100+ is either a Palomino (i have a 2100+ palomino in my 2nd machine) which suck for ocing and generate more heat.

or it is a thouroughbred, which are great for ocing and generate less heat.....

(yours sounds like a t-bred cause most 2100+ pali's wont hit 2ghz.)


To your question, you will most likely max out your cpu's oc before you even start to oc that ram, your cpu runs on a 133mhz fsb. PC2700 ram runs on 166mhz. If you do reach 166mhz on your cpu, then simply change the divider so the ram stays at 166mhz. then it wont effect your OC.

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