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Decideing On A Board

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i need a board for my the socket socket 939 chip im getting. The 3 im looking at are the

asus a8v deluxe, the abit av8, and the msi k8t neo2. The biggest thing im worryed around is weather the apg lock is going to work. Iv seen some reviews on the asus and the msi saying that the lock dosent work, where as the reviews on the abit say the lock works. Im guessing those reviews were old and the nonfunctional agp lock was only a temporary problem, but i dont know for sure, so im seeing waht anyone else has to say about it. Also id like a decent bios, vdimm above 2.8 woulde be a huge seller, but i think all 3 are only 2.8, anything else about the bios that would sell one of those 3 over the olther tell me. Im leaning twards Abit right now, iv had alot of asus mobos and there not realy geared twards overclocking that much. What iv seen of the abit it has awesome cmos. Msi is probly my second choice, but iv heard some stability issues with msi and of corse im worryed about the lock. Il have to look more into msi's cmos before i buy.


PS iv always used via chipsets and im excited to get the k8t800 pro, it finaly got the agp lock. but if theres some selling point about the NF3 that i overlooked you can tell me, its always a posibility.

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