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Ever Put Your Pc Outside In The Winter?


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I live in toronto and one night when it was cold out I decided it might be fun to hook up my PC in the garage and see what happened. My friends at work warned me about condensation, but they didn't know what they were talking about so I ignored them.


Here's the results in case you were interested:


indoors (ambient temp ~ 20

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I have an external rad on my water cooling kit that I stick outside from time to time. avatar pic was taken at 25F outside here in TN.

But if you do this, watch for condensation. Ive already fried one graphics card that way. Putting the whole PC outside(garage) wouldn't be so bad because the WHOLE case is cold. You only gotta worry about condensation if HSF or block is cold and ambient temps are warm.


Nice temps. DO watch for condensation under the cpu though.

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