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Ok, I got this idea last night. It's pretty much where users will take their character in KAL, and participate in a roleplay with it(kind of like a constantly growing story, sort of). Please use the character that you use most in KAL, so not your fishing character. Feel free to make up a name for it if you don't like the name of your character.



The general rules are:




No major autoing(using another persons character) WITHOUT that persons permission.



You're not all lvl 100 with 80g+12+12+12+12 sticks/swords/bows, so don't give yourself any. It takes away the balance of the RP.



THIS IS NOT AN X-RATED THREAD! This must be kept to PG-13 AT MOST. Use common sense.



All other forum rules apply.





Now, lets get started, ja?







Consera stood facing the dragon. They were easy for her to kill. She knew their weaknesses. The only problem was that she was too weak to summon the strength for the Staggering Blow she had learned from the Bow Master.


The back of the mouth of a Water Dragon was one of the weakest spots on the demon.


She drew back on her bow, the ChulTae bending under her remaining strength.


The dragon came running. It roared, happy to get some food. Now was the time.


Consera released the arrow.


It hit home, right in the back of the dragon's mouth.



The dragon would usually thrash around in pain, but not today. This time, Consera had being lucky enough to sever the spinal cord. The dragon dropped, a lifeless look in it's eyes.


Taking out her knife, Consera decapitated the dragon. This head would be worth money.


But, right when she was about to walk off, she noticed something... and smiled. The dragon had a Yeongak bow with it.


Picking this up, Consera walked to the fort, the setting sun to her back.


Today had being good.








So, lets start! Any comments and stuff should be done OOC(Out of Character), like: OOC: Scenario: Normal dragons.

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