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Modding A Ccfl

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So, I have this spare set of red CCFL's sitting around, and ive already got lights IN my case. So, I had an idea, I want to modify them so I can put them behind my monitor, and give it a neat red glow. I was wondering if it was possible to modify the CCFL's to be USB powered.


I have a USB cable from a spare USB mouse :




There are 5 small wires connecting to it red,white,green,black,thick black (ground?)


Here are the CCFL's:







How would one go about doing this?



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the USB voltage is 5v whereas pretty much all inverters take a 12v input voltage... whether or not it would work at 5v is uncertain but not very likely... also the current draw may be a problem with USB... also not sure on that, the lack of voltage is the main problem...


the only way you could really do it would be to have a 12v line coming out of your computer... or if you have a tft monitor you could be really cool and jack it into the input power, but you'd probably have to make your own 12v regulator circuit...

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this thread gave me an idea. I had a ccfl on the top of my monitor (sound reactive) and now it looks much cooler behing the monitor. I once did the oposite of what you are trying to do. I bought a usb ccfl and didnt realize that it was usb until i got home. I just passed the cable through the back of the case. Maybe you can just use molex extensions and run the cable through the back of the case.

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