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A64 Overclock.

{ DaMaN }

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Howzit Guys,


Nice forum by the way.


I've just got the system in my sig, and it's nice. However i'd like to overclock it. :)

Since this is my first A64 system. Has anyone got tips ect please?




Where's my signature?


Ok here's specs.

{A64 3400 (2.4ghz)} {MSI K8N Neo2} {1GB OCZ PC3200} {Radeon 9800pro} {CoolerMaster 201} {Sony Trinitron 19"CRT} {NEC 3500 Dual layer DVDRW 16x} {Tagan 480w PSU} {5x SilenX fans}{120GB HDD SATA}

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On my 2800 i just put my multi to the highest it would go (9x) set my memory to 1:1 then slowly upped the fsb. Add vcore when it becomes unstable if that still doen't work bump up your ram voltage. with htt i just said it to auto and it does a good job with it. umm thats all i can think off good luck oh make sure agp/pci is locked at 66.

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