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I was sitting here, thinking, then I realised, 'Hey, the guys at OCC are pretty smart, I'll get them to think for me'


So, I'm an Amateur athlete, and I've been talking to AMD about getting them to sponsor me. I've got a phone number and everything, now I've gotta actually phone. I don't wanna phone and say 'Uh, I want a sponsorship, gimme.' Cause I doubt they'd want to give me anything with that line.


Basically, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me some stuff I could say, that would be better than my above line, and be more convincing that I actually deserve this sponsorship.


Thanks Guys.

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I have been sponsored in Alpine Ski racing and Motorcycle roadracing....


you need to get noticed...


have you been crushing the sponsored people in your sport?

Winning competitons....


then if you are sponsored, you must remember that you are representing the company ALL THE TIME.....


I ended up quiting ski racing because it was too much of a job....because of sponsors... Yes.. all my gear was free...etc. etc.


BUT... I would have to do appearances, photos, etc. etc... it sounds fun, but gets OLD very quickly


I am very involved in R/C planes and there was a post a little while ago regarding sponsorship in R/ C stuff...

this is a reply made that sums it up very well... These are NOT my words but I agree with them completely and obviosly they will not all apply, but .....it makes sense:


You have to look at this whole thing from the potential company's point of view. The #1 thing they are concerned about is what you will hear a lot of... ROI- Return On Investment. A company has to see you out there without a doubt, but there has to be something extra special with what you have to offer. Be it charisma, media exposure, dang good flying and winning of events... something has to set you aside from the rest of the bunch.


It took me a long time to convince myself to do a 3-D video with Chris Maier. Especially being he is only 16. But aside from the unbelieveable talent he has flying, I was able to use him because he has the ability and CONFIDENCE to convey his thoughts in a rather easy to understand manner. Now after I made that decision, when it came time for myself to approach other companies I put together a 3-page proposal that outlines exactly what I set out to do. In that proposal you have to identify your target market, explain in detail what you will do and why XYZ company should do business with you, and you have to also explain how this potential company will make more money by doing business with you. A sponsorship is not just a bunch of free stuff, but rather a business relationship that can continue for for years if both sides are helping each other. I still talk with my sponsors keeping them updated and always looking for opportunities that we can both make more money. But lastly and most importantly if XYZ company does actually sponsor you YOU MUST MUST MUST follow through with everything you said you were going to do in that proposal.


Now here's the reality... remember this whole industry is a HOBBY. It is very hard to make money in this industry. My background is photography for several national automotive magazines. I am personal friends with a lot of import drag racers who are/were in your shoes always looking for sponsors. There is money in automotive... the is little to no money in RC with one exception. The people who make/produce things seem to be the people that make money. I know too many Hobby store owners that are broke. That doesn't mean there aren't exceptions, but I am just trying to make you see the whole picture. Either way, the proposal you need to design would be the same be it in automotive, or RC, or if you jumped out of airplaines for a living. The potential company will have to believe with sponsoring you they will see more money in the end by spending the initial money with you.




Sponsorship is a job....

that being said....


a professional letter (with a follow-up phone call) is a great place to start..

Who are you? what do you do? What can you provide for the company? (this is the most important one) What are your accomplishments?

etc. etc. etc.


Good Luck with this... Sponsorship helps, but it can be a hassle too!

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what is AMD gonna sponser u for. Gonna go do the biathalon on a pair of 64 bit skis.



Nope. They're gonna upgrade my brain to 64-bit. Increased reaction times mostly, but another benefit is the ability to perform extremely complex mathematical calculations.

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I used to play on a 3on3 basketball team that was sponsered by a gym. It was kind of cool because we got our entry fee paid into trouney's and got free year round membership to the gym and stuff so it was pretty neat, but I had to stop due to injury. Not long after I quite the gym stopped sponsering the team. That is the only actual sponsership I have ever gotten. I would say go for it while you still can. What sport are you trying to get sponsered in anyway?

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