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New Abit Ic7-g, Problems

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Here is the deal,

I got my new Abit IC7-G, Installed it last night. Had to reload Win XP, man what a pain, but once over all those hurdles, everything looks great. Got all the updates and everything appears to be fine. BUT>>>


I have an ATI 9600XT, and the smartgear tab on the advanced controls says AGP is off. When the Catalyst drivers installed, I used driver clearner to clear the deck first, I got an error message:


Zero Display Service Error

I clicked OK, and the drivers installed. I am not using the newest catalyst drivers. This set is about 5 months old, but worked fine on the last board.


Back to the motherboad: Aidia32, in the chipset section, reports AGP 3.0, then says it is disabled.


I flashed the Bios using ABIT Flash Menue, (very cool by the way) but that did not correct the problem.


I can't seem to find anything on this sort of problem.


In the manual, in one of the bios screens, Advanced chipset functions, there is a line in the picture,


AGP Data Rate Capibility 8x Mode


That line is missing from my bios screen.


So, do I have a bad board?

Has anyone seen this sort of thing?

Any ideas on how to get it going?

And while I have your attention, how large should the AGP Appature size be?


Thanks a lot. If ya'll can't help, then I will be calling for an RMA





Generic, meaning low cost but cool looking, case w/ 450 psu

Abit IC7-G Intel 875P chipset

P4 2.66 / 533 / 512

ATI 9600xt 128MB

1 GB Corsair Value select PC3200

1 Maxtor 40gb 7200 ATA133

1 Segate 60gb (slave) 7200 ATA100

1 CD 1 DVD

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I finally found a very good explaination on how to install the intel drivers long after the you have everything setup.


If anyone needs the link, This is to install Intel chipset drivers when the intel install program does not seem to work.




I got it all running, and the benchmark scores indicate everything is working, Thanks for the help

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