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Overclocking 3500+


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Ok guys Im trying to hit a high oc here I know its possible . Im looking for atleast a 2.7 -2.8 oc


Heres specs on what I got and what the bios settings are !!!

PLease help u know what can get me over my hump.


Both the Proceesor and Graphics Card Water cooled by Swiftech

Amd 3500+ 939

Msi Neo 2 PE with latest bios

2 x 512 of HyperX 4000 DDR

Gigabyte X800xt

Antec 430 Trupower


Bios Specs:

Htt 3x

multipyler is 10x

Core is 1.632 ---1.550 by 10% OV

agp volts 1.85

Ram timings 200mhz lock @ 3-4-4-10 2T

Ram volts 2.8v


I know my ram isn't hold me back n e info will help thanks

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While 2.7-2.8 may be posible remember only a few people are actually gettign that high. Some of them on volt moded boards. I wish i could remember but i hikn the "latest" bios for teh NEO2 isn't actually teh best overclocking bios. Also do you have controll over the HTT Voltage? I'd raise that a little. not sure what else will help you man... have you checked to see if your MOSFETS need sinking?

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useful neo2 thread



and another ;)



1.36beta bios


(install MSI Live Update3 and use the flash utility in the Award folder to flash the bios from windows)


1.36beta gives you a lot higher vcore options, which is probably holding you back... if you have TCCD ram, you should be able to run at 3-4-4-10-1T @ 2.85v to at least 266 fsb

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