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Best Processor For My Htpc

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Hey everyone, I've encounted a small problem in building my HTPC. My wife accidentaly touched me as I was installing the processor, and she shocked me, killing the poor Barton I was going to use :withstupid:



Anyways, I'm thinking about getting a 2600 Mobile for a replacement.


Here is what I already have:


Antec Aria (fixed some airflow problems by modding 1 80mm fan/hole into each side w/ tt smart fans)


Chaintech Summit 7NIF2 (I think) - nForce2 IGP matx

2x256 Kingston PC3200 Value RAM

PowerColor Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB




Those are the basic components that I have to work with. I need opinions on what is the best socket A processor for what I'm doing?


I know an Athlon Mobile at stock speeds would generate less heat, but I'm not 100% sure if the summit board would be compatible, don't know if it has voltage and multiplier adjustments. (Anyone know this?)



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Your best bet would be to goto Chaintech's site and download the manual for the board it will be a PDF file, or in your manual if you have it look under the BIOS options section to find out if you can adjust multi and voltages im not to sure aout it supporting a mobile tho. Hope this helps :)

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I couldn't find it in the manual, but I did find a review online that showed a pic of the bios. The FSB is the only option, so a mobile is out.


Looks like I'm back to a 2600 Barton (I want to spend less than $100). I'm not a big fan of the Semprons because it seems like they're just re-badged throughbred B's. Would a 2600 Barton be my best bet?

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