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Asus A7n266-vm/aa

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Having some problem here with this motherboard (A7N266-VM). I go to boot up and nothing shows up on the monitor. If I reset it I get a weird siren sound..High,low,high,low..almost like a europen police car.


I have reseated the CPU, moved the ram around tried almost everything I can think of. I have pulled the battery for days, still nothing. The manual also is no help, as it shows a CMOS clear jumper that isnt there, the markings on the board, but no jumper pins. Maybe someone else has had this problem or has some insight.


The processor is AMD XP1800+, with 266 ddr ram. both are in working condition.

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This is one of those lovely models where you have to short out the two pins to reset the bios. Either a precision screwdriver or a a pair of tweezers will do that.

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