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New Server Case Update

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Since my original post I have added aluminum cladding to the frame in order to provide a nice flat surface for the plexiglass to attache to. It also gives the case a more polished look. The cutouts for the cold cathode lights are also finished. The bottom plate that will hold the HD drives and PSU is nearly complete and I think I'm finished hacking up the power supply...just need to make the plexi cover for it. Other than that I'm still just trying to figure out how to fit everything....so I'm doing alot of assembling and disassembling. I'd like to hear your two cents so any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


My forum skills s**k so I apologize for the picture layout :unsure:

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Good idea on the ccfl mounting places and as stated it looks good i just dont like the btx style layout myself



I really was'nt going for the BTX style......It's just that placing the PSU at the bottom of the case solved a lot of wiring issues.


Yes I'm going to be using the same blue plexi as the first case.... I had to buy a whole 4'X8' sheet in order to get the color I wanted so I still have half a sheet left.


I just modified a standard molex connector at the one end the other is a connector used primarily in the audio recording business.

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