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Project: Shell

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Over the next few months, I'll be modding my case like no other. The name of the project? Shell(as if you didn't know that already).


Here are the plans:


Part 1: Blue CCFLs, Counter-Strike window decal, Green Lazer LED set.


Part 2: UV CCFL, UV paint. Will paint the heatsink fan with the UV paint and position the CCFL right next to it, if not above it.


Part 3: UV paint, UV CCFLs, lots of tape, and plenty of luck. Will UV paint the motherboard.


Part 4: Green CCFL fans. Going to pop out Mr. Dremel.


Part 5: Bit of plexi, popping out Mr. Dremel, going to do a bit of HDD modding :).


Part 6: EL Wire, going to be putting the FU back in FUN. Literally :D.


Part 7: Underwraps. Secret. Classified. Yo momma.





I'll be constantly posting our progress of Project: Shell. Just don't ask about the name... I was going to go for Search and Destroy, but the project wouldn't fit in with the name.

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