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Vcore On Intel P4's

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I have heard 1.7 with adequate cooling. Push it as far as you can on stock and then start playing with the voltage. I can get 235fsb on stock volts but after that its gotta go up. To get 255 i have to run 1.7v 250 1.675vand 1.625 to get 245.

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wow man, you either have zero case ventilation, like it is sealed in saran wrap maybe? or your ambient room temp is way too hot for a pc!



My room aint that hot....


but I only hav ONE case Fan...thats at the top.


However, the PSU has a big 120mm fan drawing air away from the CPU, and I got an Aritic cooler on my X800XT PE, so that pushes air out....



Both CPU & GPU are at 43 Deg C atm... :(


Under load (playing HL2 for 2-3 hours) they go up to 54 CPU 60 GPU... :(


I ran Prime 95 for bout 3-4 hours, and my CPU got to 56 maX :)


Then I scaned for Artifacts on ATi Tool to put the Card under load...


it hit 70 maX :O


That was running for bout 20 mins. And after 10 mins, it hit 70 Deg, but didnt go any higher....



My Case is a Medion, as is the mobo... was a prebuilt system, but I hav almost eXchanged every part by now.


If I wanted more Fans I would hav to cut holes, and done that once for the top, but that was hell, so hard to cut, and I dont hav PRo Tools.


Only 1 Panel is removable aswell....side panel.


Bit of a classy lady. But its a nice small Case, with Kool front Panel.


And my System runs fine....never get artifacts or anything. I cant OVerclock my CPU, and no point OCing my Graphics card, as it already runs everything on MAX settings! ^_^




but I now see the MAJOR draw backs of Prebuilt computers.


and I shall NEVER EVER buy one again!

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