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Need To Share/load Balance Across Two Dsl Lines.


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I read Matt Cameron's (very well written) review about the NexLand ISB Pro800 Turbo router here, and wanted to ask if anyone has any more information about any other product which does the same job. (Since the NexLand seems to have disappeared since Symantec bought the company. Paul in cahoots!-)


A page on f5.com is also talking about the same functionality, namely, ISP Load Balancing/failover redundancy.


I am on Mac OS X (Server and Client) and am looking for a Load Balancing solution that's simpler than this one implemented in BSD.


Ideally, I'm just looking for another +-$400 solution like the NexLand router used to provide. (Or a working router will do just as well.) Any help would be most MOST amazing and appreciated..!


Thanks all, and I wish every 1 a gr8 2K5!


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ThanX LobbDogg!! That did it! I was able to craft the following message in a report to my company president. Recording it here in case anyone else is interested.


Found three sub-$300 range hardware options for implementing Load Balancing and Auto Failover using using two DSL lines (or any combination of DSL/Cable, etc).


Option 1: Provides Outbound Load Balancing & Auto Failover for $299 with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

http://xincom.com/products.html where the XC-DPG502 is all we need.


http://mysimon.search.com/search?pgtpid=40...+XC-DPG502&cn=5 lists this item available for $195.


Option 2: Provides the same functionality but doesn't specify warranty duration:



Comparison price of $272:



http://www.ncix.com/forums/index.php?mode=...kid=0#msg430632 spoke of VPN not working and the router acting unreliably occasionally, and the man tested 12 different boxes!


Option 3: Wireless router with connection sharing but no auto-load balancing, $117.



I would recommend the XC-DPG502 listed first as the product descriptions are more satisfactory and the item comes with a 5 year warranty. Also, I read reviews but was not able to locate any known problems with it.


http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,11413451 corroborates my recommendation.


http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,8827536~mode=flat talks about how the speed-improvement won't affect individual browser-sessions, but will affect everyone in general. It will certainly help us, as any traffic will go towards a faster line at any given time.


http://www.winkinglotus.com/az ;-}

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