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Kinda havent been on here in a long time but anyway here is the plan. I have been thinkin bout a mini pc for a while since im tired of mine and still have that love for modding and stuff so i wanna build something again reguardless of the fact that i find comps boring (mainly cause mine sucks i think). Anyway the shuttle SN45Gv2 barebone looks pretty cool for something to mess with. The smaller case will make it harder to cool i amagin but for 200 bucks i could just put some parts from my current comp and then when i get extra money i could upgrade and do my mods. Anyway since its that small of a case i was wondering what my limits would be in the small case as far as certain hardware parts? I wanna get some kinda water cooling setup eventually but im not sure how that would work. Also as far as the vid card i was wondering if any of them would be to large for the case? O an how much room is there for modding? When i say modding i mean adding fans and stuff and i love UV so i gotta get it glowing inside. Alot of people that will read this have never seen me unless youve been here for a while so dont think im a complete noob. I was a little younger and less motivated when i was a postwhore on here a while back so you dont have to worry about that either lol. Just kinda found all the other hobbies either boring or to expensive to have fun with (quads). So if anyone has this setup just lemme know what sucks about it and what is actually surprizing about the setup considering its size. Kinda dont know what to say cause i dont post on forums much anymore and dont know how to talk to people smarter then me lol.



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