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How To Change Your Motherboard

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Thanks for the informative guide red!... but alas I found this out all too late, and went with method 5... you know the one that's the hard way, involving lots of time, and (recieving) abuse due to lost data (they forgot to back up :P) even though ghosting the data (as a precaution) to a spare HDD... only to find when it was copied back (the transfer of files was selective :()


Honestly I didn't expect half the drama, that ensued... all my previous swaps had been done with win98SE, and that OS didn't care too much... just wanted to update ALL the drivers on boot-up 'tis all! ROTFL :lol:

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Guest dwev123

Let me ask this. What about all the different drivers your going to have with a upgraded board? You'll spend just as much time removing old drivers installing new drivers for sound, LAN, SATA, ect....(anything onboard) Then you need to make sure you have the old driver removed completely if not you'll have conflicts. We all know how drivers love to leave pieces and parts behind. No two ways about it, you'll see a clean install is your best bet every time. Do what you want, but if your that lazy don't do anything at all!!!!

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i used bigred's info a while back one of the many other times he has posted it, hint hint, and it worked great, of course i do a fresh install about every 6-12mos, so anything left over wont be there long, but i have never had any driver conflicts


personally, last time i was changin out my mobo and cpu, so instead of just uninstalling the ide channel drivers, i uninstalled those, and the cpu, and the other things i knew were different, shutdown, installed new parts, booted up, works perfectly

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Big Red,

Very noob question....can you explaine to me in more detail on how do do a repair, or overlay....i have tried this a few times...instead of doing a fresh install (because of various errors etc..) But when i press "r" to do the repair, i get to the screen where i dont know what to do...kind of like dos commands....

then, i just say...oh crap it and do a fresh install...

so if you can give me more info on this, it would help greatly...thx in advance....



This is a simple mistake that I used to make. DO NOT press "r" immediately for repair using th "recovery console." Wait until your install disk looks for previous installations of Windows. It will show your Windows partition and give you the option to repair or install a fresh copy of Windows and format the whole thing again. It is at this point that you press "r" to repair. It will then skip the formatting and install Windows back to the latest verson or service pack that you have on your disk. I highly recommend a slipstreamed disk with SP2.


I am a tech also, and I install new hardware the way the BR has explained, except I remove any device that may have been installed with the old mobo and chipset, including onboard sound, NIC, etc. I have not had to do a repair install very often. I have also noticed that repair installs do not usually require activation again. We make sure that setting up Windows and activation is agreed upon by the customer before we do the work. I hope that helps.


Here is a quick guide to slipstream Windows with the latest updates and SP2 from http://www.ubcd4win.com :


Slipstreaming SP1a or SP2 to XP, AutoStreamer and Manual Instructions


AutoStreamer has been released and is available for download from the "Download" page. I have just added instructions that are straight from the author (Raptor). If you do have question please email me or post to in the forum. AutoStreamer is an application that makes slipstreaming easier, it is menu driven and includes many features that will help make sure your CD is created properly.


BPE 3.1.3 now includes an option to slipstream your XP CD. Instructions for doing so may be added to this site at a future date. But just like my feelings on the "Burn CD" option, now also available, I want to stick with other software that helped us before these options became available. If you do not agree with my opinion please feel free to email me, I am always open to discussion and suggestions.

AutoStreamer Instructions:



Extract the ZIP file's contents to a local folder where you have sufficient permissions (meaning read/write). Do not extract only AutoStreamer.exe and do not double-click it within the archive. There's high chance things will go wrong.



First you have to select between CD or share mode. If you want to use your original XP cd as a source, go with cd mode. If you have a network share which contains the setup files, pick share mode.


Step 1:

--CD Mode: If you pick cd mode, AutoStreamer will attempt to read your pc's cd drives to detect any windows cds. If you have already inserted your cd in, AS will find it. If not, insert it, and click on the first magnifying glass icon to detect it. After detection succeeds, pick the service pack file by clicking the second magnifying glass icon. AS will attempt to detect what kind of file it is. If all goes well and its a valid SP file (meaning its the correct version, and newer than the source, it is valid) you will be ready to continue to step 2.

--Share Mode: Same as CD Mode, however, the first magnifying glass will prompt you for a valid hard drive location (local or network drive will do). Version detection works here as well. Again, you will have to pick SP file, and AS will verify that everything is good to go...


Step 2:

It's time to label the CD image. you can give any name you want. I usually name it WINXPSP2_EN or something... Next you have to pick the output file location... I use C:\WINXPSP2_EN.ISO...


If you do not wish to use AutoStreamer to help you create a slipstreamed XP CD, you can always do it the hard way and follow my instructions below:

Manual Instructions:


So you upgraded to XP right when it came out like me too? Bought XP before SP1 or SP1a came out? Slipstreaming look too complicated or not worth the hassle? Don't worry it's very simple, Bart's PE

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:O Sorry to interject people, but I was wondering if anybody has had any dealings with changing the mobo in a proprietry computer, or knows of any forums I may read. I am hoping to upgrade my Compaq if it is possible.


My main concern is obviously OS and data. FSB limit  of mobo is throttling my cpu and ram and i'm all O/C'd out.


My first post here.

Many thanks to any respondents.


Overpaq'd in OZ.



you can change the mobo in a propriety comp, but you will possably run into the problem HP uses a microATX mobo so Id asume in there Compaq line they do the same. that will limit your mobo choices greatly.

when it comes to the install of windows, after being a propriety comp your best bet is a fresh install.

the one time I tryed a repair on a now parted out HP it ran like crap untill I did a fresh install.

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I have used all four of these suggestions at different times, and not one of those rigs benches as well or runs as fast after the MOBO upgrade as it did before, all else staying the same....


That's why, whenever I have a client with this issue, I suggest a HDD upgrade as well. Most of them have form 10GB to 40GB, and since they are several years old and more prone to fail, it makes sense to promote their old HDD to ssemi-retired status.


I install the MOBO, then the new HDD and install XP (or Win9x) on it as usual. Then I boot down, Slave the old HDD in, and reboot.


Everything from addy books to pictures, music and savegame files is archived right there, waiting to be reused.


Saves a lot of time and also saves lots of potential headaches, too.

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what do you do if you have 2 harddrives in raid0 using Sil? i have wanted to get rid of my Asus but i dont know how i could save my HDD's

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