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Top Usb And Ieee 1394 Firewire

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I'm using a K8N Neo2 Platinum.


I have a JUSB1 slot ready for use and i have two 5 pin cables coming from the top of my case.



VCC, USB1-, USB1+, GND, USBOC on the top

VCC, USB0-, USB0+, GND, Key (no pin) on the bottom


On the two 5 pin cables they read:

VCC1, USB1-, USB1+, GND1, GND on one

VCC2, USB2-, USB2+, GND2, GND on the other


Will that work in the JUSB1 slot?



Also, I have 8 cables which the case says to be IEEE 1394 firewire connection cables:

Two GND, 1 VG, 1 VP, 1 TPA+, 1 TPA-, 1 TPB+, 1 TBP-


In the IEEE 1394 section of the motherboard, it matches up with everything, except the cable only has one power connection (VP), where as there are 2 pins for it on the mobo.


Will this one work?

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