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Its A Conspiracy I Tell You

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I've been wanting to add one last folding rig to give me a little boost at the end of the contest - one last desparate attempt to hold off Gremlin for just a bit longer. Plus, I wanted to hit 200K and make the top 10 before the end of the year.


Well, it been one delay/disaster after another. I got the mobo back in September but never opened the box. I finally found the right CPUs on eBay only to end up with a seller that took two weeks to get around to shipping it. It arrives and 12 pins are bent (the seller shrugs it off and says file a claim with the Post Office since it was insured but it was not damaged during transit- they were bent when he put it in the holder). I get the pins straightened out using a razor blade and in the socket only to discover that the mobo is missing the heatsink retention plate on the back so I can't mount the heatsink - and this was my only free weekend in the foreseeable future.


I emailed MSI tech support and, to their credit, they got right back to me the same day saying they are shipping out the missing part.


So, Gremlin, I will try to wave gracefully as you pass me by sometime this week :P

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