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New Case Pics

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Well both my drives and my fan controller protrude more than the drive cage, so I guess I'll have to put in a smaller fan, 92mm maybe. I really have to get rid of this rear fan, its quiet and all but moves so little air. My case temps are a lot higher than in my other server case. I think I will do what you did firestorm.


Also I put in 2 more UV cathodes (4 total now), its so bright :D

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Thats a good idea. the front fan ok with air since all the fans in the front pull air and help the air flow. can t really remove it without cutting a hole in the case or getting a 3 pin fan. It converts 3 pin into a 4 pin connector inside the case.

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The fans don t blow much only 38cfm? 80mm fans can blow more then that.

* Durable anodized aluminum finish

* Clear side window

* Front ports: 2x audio, 2x USB

* One low-speed 120mm fan (rear)

* One low-speed 120mm blue LED fan (front)

* Fan Specs:

- RPM: 1200

- CFM: 38.94

-dB(A): 24.85

* 9 Drive Bays:

- External: 3 x 5.25", 2x 3.5"

- Internal: 4 x 3.5" individual drive trays with rubber grommets to absorb vibration

* Motherboards: up to Standard ATX

* Compatible with any ATX12V power supply

* Free case-carrying strap

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