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C++ File Reading

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How do you get file input stream to detect the end of a line?

If I have a file that looks like this:

80 90 100
70 80 90

And wanted output (cout) to look like this:

Jim: 90
Joe: 80

With those numbers being the averages of Jim's three and Joe's three respectively, how would I get the program to detect the new line? If there was some special character to denot the end of a set of numbers, I could do it, but there is not, so I cannot. :(

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Well \n is a newline character, so search for that I would guess (you could use strrchr for doing something like that).


Otherwise, why not use fgets? :)



The fgets() function reads at most one less than the number of characters

specified by size from the given stream and stores them in the string

str. Reading stops when a newline character is found, at end-of-file or



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another way to do it is


#include <fstream.h>




ifstream datafile;  

for (i=0;!datafile.eof();i++)


This will read in one line at a time using a for loop, of course you can implement it in a while loop or whatever.

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