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Help Finding A Laptop


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well my dad needs a laptop for his office

its mostly for exel, word, powerpoint,


he must connect it to a projector....

he has 1200bucks

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i just got a fujitsu that was around 1200bux on newegg, they have the weekend sell right now.


you might also want to try Toshiba. they also make good business computers.


and IBM is really good for office work. the thing is they are alittle expensive.


I just got my fujitsu to do basical word processing and such (normal college useage with out playing games)


But the only thing that can run on par with IBM, looks to be toshiba and fujitsu. i was just comparing the normal specs and the battery life and size of the laptop it self.


many people will probly say "FUJITSU SUCKS!" but they don't realize how small they are compared to gaming laptops and "average" laptops. not to mention the very long battery life. like an IBMs.


I think i saw a very nice small size office IBM for like 1700... but toshiba and fujitsu are probly your next best bet for something around 1200.


Iam still waiting on my fujitsu to come in from newegg. its a really good deal. get the one that had 512MB ram.

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