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Need Logo.. Ill Pay $


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hey everybody..

im starting a small business with my friend at the moment and im gona need a few logos for things... heres what im gonna need that i can think of.... read on.


1. A website logo

2. A banner

3. Smaller logo (for oemlogo.bmp to show in "my computer")


make these and either post them here or email me at [email protected]

im looking for something hi tech looking mainly black/blue and the company name is "CnR Electronics"


if i like what i see (which im sure i probably will if time is put into it by a decent photoshopper ;) ) ill be paying $15 for the three through paypal.


thanks guys..

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More is coming, im real bored at the moment, so ill probably End up making tons. dang im sad. :P


NOTE: remember i can change these / edit / edd / modify these to match your needs. These are just all quick mess abouts. The Font work on them is kinda of quick but it gives you an idea.


BANNERS: (sized can be modified, logo can be added on them so on...)












Errrrr sorry this sucks..... >< im out of ideas.


OEM LOGO: (More in different styles/colors/ with the logo are coming in a sec)






EDIT: oops didnt see your blue/black preferable colors. dang i can change them but whatever.

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i like the work galla is doing... galla could you now make a website logo for me? if i like it ill send u the $15



edit: and with this itl be going in top left corner of our site so fade out the bottom and right to black... im thinking somewhere aruond the dimensions of.. 800 X 150 or something... and bottom + right is faded out into black

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