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The Official Dumbest, Most Overpriced Acsessory

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what the heck??? :huh::lol:

well, to work with something safely, it has to conform to health and safety acts (it does here in the UK )


otherwise yu can be liable for damages and injuries (c'mon - the US knows all about suing for the most dumbass things), esp in the workplace lol.


ie, chairs are meant to be five feet ie the star shape, with adjustable back and height. VDU's should tilt and rotate a specific number of degrees. the desk must be the right height for the user. the eye level must line up with just under the top of the VDU. arms and legs must be at 90 degrees....



.....sheesh, anyone who's had to work in a corporate office will know what i'm harping on about! :lol:

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i hope that wasnt directed at me :(


lol, my employer always used to keep on at me about it in case i tried to sue them for getting a bad back - they had to adjust my desk in the most bizarre way. you'd walk through the office and spot my specially raised desk a mile off! haha. that's what you get for being lanky(er)

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